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da Simple Beats

Its a Show mented for, and only Hip-Hop. The idea is to bring underground tracks and sounds to people. Everything with low-profile is underground.

And a U.G song has its own U.G. sound. One where you listen from Wu-tang, Nas or Mobb deep. Its also for young people, like you, who wishes his track to be played at radio, it will be played on Simple Beats!

So where ever you are, Helsinki, Porvoo, Tampere, till Lappi, bring your own S**t here and it will be played!

Renovated show
Da simple Beats show and web site has been renovated. You will find new stuff, downlading, videos and many things.
Plus if you whishto be in, puting news, articals, songs (mp3s), and stuff just contact us!
Enjoy the show!

Remeber to log on http://www.yle.fi/free and also http://www.dasimplebeats.com to where you can hear everything about next show and news. http://www.dasimplebeats.com is currently under construction, so toon in later. And remeber every wednesday at 17-18 the hotes unreleased, previously unheared and U.G. tracks on da Simple Beats.

Hosted by C-K

C-K 29.04.04

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