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Gasoline Flashgas Evolving

Young Succesfull boys from hellsinki do diamond sharp Glam Rock to appeal demands rock tough.

We are looking for new whip tough drummer with great talent and qualifying hard rock guitarist and new bass player with rock attitude. We are making a deal with good record company. Take connection to honkalajouni@hotmail.com. Backing singers are wanted too. All men with good outlook and great attitude are welcome.

Vampire Chronicles. The legacy of evil blood sucking vampire agencies.

When nothing else satisfies must the race of evolving go through rape, kill and sucking blood of innocent girls and boys. The quality is in endangered blood types.

Billy Vital the leader of Vampire gang takes his best intensions to test evil and intelligent plan. His vampire goonies and helpers drive world out of its balls by ripping and tearing the major class of the world.
Feeding their necks to lust fueled vampires feeble of the land falls from grace to dog style of whoring and bitching their evil ass.
By justice in twisted snake theet is world driven out of balance in one night stand by street organization. The Evil Renegades. Sex orgies and youth manipulation provocates new alliances to flee victims of life eternal. Along with medias, such as radio and tv is message spread all over the planet. By streets of hellsinki to Bahaman island is world driven out of its tracks by sadist succubuss tyrannies.

Young succesfull boys are driven into strange commitment with hell to suck and hostage more blood of innocent virgin victims. Eternally they are to hang on this evil curse spawned from outer galaxies of the universe. Immigrants from harbours, space, land, air and sea are without any knowledge hostaged in prison by this mass insanity. Runaways and travellers come at hand to experience the living curse of finnish hell. Pools of blood are wasted in hedonist parties of upper hand driving desire of every living man and woman into clash with morality. Weird and polluted minds need to eat more great blood of dream producers of Billy Vital. -The labour of Love wich they call themselves are looking for sophisticated way to serve they only appetite, the lust for pure blood.

Billy`s evil rat gang purges mayhem in the day. Actions and seductions are taken. The liberation is death threath freedom or the complete autopsy of the life. The action takes just anyone.

Arho. ARGH.O

Bass player. Chinase dog from Espoo motor ways. Likes Dukes pepperoni Pizza. Wears Diesel, Polo and Crazy Shop produckts. His favourite bands are Gluecifer, Bad Religion & Hot Water Music. He dates with his girlfriend regularry.

Tarmo Tamro

The guitar player. Chinase dog. Plays ibanez guitar and effects. He is from hellsinki pakila. He used to play in band skyline with Arho, but the band got to its end. He likes Jam and cookies. He buys his clothes from seppälä and crazy shop. His favourite band is CMX. He is also great friend of industrial techno. He dates with his girlfriend but is not married.

Matias. Mr

The drumm plaer. Playe Mapex drums and Zilldian plates along with Tama Toms. He lives in helsinki near pasila post area, ruskea suo. His favourite restaurant is Frutti di mare and Rax. He likes Pasta and ice-cream in big take away dinners. His favourite stores are H&M, crazy shop, r-kioski and Anttila. He drives white BMW 325! His favourite bands are Motley crue and HIM. He is single just after dead end relationship.

Jouni. Billy Vital

He is Monkey in chinase. He plays guitar and writes the songs along with singing. He lives in helsinki. He likes Jam, Pizza and wet Tiramisus. His favourite stores are H&M, UFF, Crazy shop and Backstreet. He often also visits spinefarm, free record shop and Experts. His favourite bands are T-rex and Led Zeppelin along with Dead Boys, Queen and Smashing Pumpkins. He is single and ready to take action.

New album Vampire is mixed in Iso-Roobertinkatu studio including 12 tracks. Coming somewhere soon.

Spot us 6.6 at Stella Star Club.


Jouni Honkala 08.03.03

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