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From the land of stuffed sheep's stomachs I come - my name is Fiona - to Helsinki. I have seen one of your 188,000 lakes - to see them all will take 626 years!!

I am Esther and I have come to Helsinki from England. I like the lakes in Finland very much but I really don't like bananas!! (Although I know they are not from Finland!)

And I am Jonas from the land of smörgåsbord - Sweden. It´s my fourth visit in Helsinki and i like it.

Hello, I am Irene, nice to be here in the Hat Factory! I am a 28-year old web-editor from the flat country Holland, bikers paradise! If you want to see what i am doing when i am NOT visiting Helsinki, check http://www.cjp.nl! Cu!

At home I have a sister called FIN-i. Last year she got married to HEL-i. So I went to HELsinki in FINland to find out if it all begun here or if this is only a coincidence

I´m Bernie and I came to Helsinki to test the Finish Sauna and cold lakes. It´s wonderful!

I´m Angela from the non-european country Switzerland and I love to travel and don´t like the darkness. That´s why the plane brought me to Finland where it´s bright light even at night in summer.

And now the BIG QUESTION. What are we all doing together in Helsinki?! Well, when we´re not doing that, we are visiting our Finnish friend Hercules (no, not the club), the Euro26 youth card in Finland. To find out more about Euro26 youth cards all over Europe (150,000 discounts for you) go to http://www.euro26.org

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