Ohita navigointi


indecent hunger engulfs you
stalks you in a vision then fades
inner peace obtained from a potion
creation in a hooded cloak

wishing more strength to succeed
apart from mediocre mentality
waving goodbyes to ones left behind
insanity grasping those wild rays of light

heading towards the lost lands
not alone, family hiding there somewhere
hoping to be the first and only
beautiful nymph possessing it all

uncertain obsession can tear you apart
find your path and make it grow
unwise decisions may be seen in another way
gather your hopes & dreams and fly

if it is not you it will be someone else
traveller in mystic minds too far apart
inside your mind smoky seed disturbing you
trust in your belief and you shall find

strong words for a bitter soul
everyday different kind of sunrise
set your hand on your heart
and wander to a new Dawn

By yourself.

MrBarfly 12.01.04

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