Ohita navigointi

The Recipe

Take a pot from the cupboard of depression
and a huge ladle from misery unknown.
Chop carrots from the land of the dead
and suck away the colour so bright and red.
Add a liter of water from the well of sadness
and let it stay there for an hour or less.
Then boil it on top of the eternal flame
and spice it up with some anger and rage.
Serve it from the plates of fear
and invite enemies and friends from far and near.
The blood of the innocent is in a can on the table
you can taste it, if you are able.

This is a moment from the party of evil
don't you dare to go there 'cause the host is the devil.
I'm warning you my friend if you ever see this sight
you are in big trouble and can't even go and fight.
So next time you get an invitation, be careful,
it might just go over your apprehension.


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